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Welcome to our state-of-the-art, 270,000 sq ft manufacturing facility. Designed with excellence in mind, our fully integrated, vertical manufacturing capabilities ensure the highest quality products at the best prices for our clients. Our comprehensive range of services includes: softgels, tablets, capsules, gummies, oil powders, blending, and granulation. Supported by a dedicated R&D team and stringent quality control, we offer a one-stop location for all your finished goods needs. Trust us to deliver unparalleled quality and innovation in every product we create.


Softgel capsules offer key advantages over tablets and hard-shell capsules: they are easy to swallow, quick to dissolve, and improve bioavailability. They are tamper-proof and protect ingredients from oxidation, moisture, and microbial contamination. Softgels provide precise, uniform dosing with high stability and consistency.

Available in various colors, shapes, and sizes, softgels offer a unique way to differentiate from competitors and enhance market positioning. In comparison to other dosage forms, they also provide the distinctive ability to incorporate a diverse range of ingredient forms, like semi-solids, liquids, gels, and pastes. Recent advancements in emulsion and micro-encapsulation techniques have also increased their functionality and dosing options.

Annual Production Capacity

2 Billion Softgels

Hard Capsules

In product development, ensuring quality from the initial idea to the final product is crucial. Our advanced encapsulation equipment enables us to offer our customers the latest encapsulation techniques, guaranteeing maximum formula potency, quality, consistency, and prompt delivery for every order.

Our available capsule options include: various colors, vegetarian (including plant-based), gelatin, delayed-release, enteric-coated, quick-dissolve, and kosher.

Annual Production Capacity

200 Million Capsules



Another solid-dose product, tablets are made by pressing active ingredients—sometimes with additional binders—into specific shapes and sizes. These characteristics, including size, shape, thickness, weight, and how they break down in the body, can vary widely to meet different needs. Our capabilities include compressed tablets, chewable tablets, effervescent tablets, and time-release tablets, each offering unique benefits and customizable options.

Annual Production Capacity

700 Million Tablets


Granulation involves converting fine, dry powder into larger particles. This process uses rollers to exert pressure on the powder, compacting it into brittle flakes, which are then ground into granules of varying sizes. Desired granules are collected after filtering, while incorrectly sized particles are re-compacted. The final granules can be packaged for sale or used in further manufacturing.

This method provides multiple benefits, including improving flow properties, allowing the material to be easily moved, poured, or stored with minimal caking or clumping, as well as enhancing manufacturing efficiency and product performance. Proper compaction reduces attrition by achieving the correct bulk density and granule homogeneity; both crucial for products requiring specific time-release or dissolution profiles. In addition to cost savings associated with lower volume requirements for transportation and storage, compacted material prevents uneven dispersion and settling of blended materials, ensuring consistent application.

Annual Production Capacity

1,000 MT



We offer a variety of mixing types designed to meet custom blending requirements, providing the flexibility to handle both high and low-capacity batch sizes. To ensure purity, all materials are screened before being loaded into the blender, preventing foreign materials or objects from contaminating the mixture. Our quality control procedures verify the correct weight of each raw material added to the blend.

We use an advanced blending technique that guarantees uniform and thorough blending across all powder mixtures. Whether you need to slowly tumble delicate ingredients or rapidly mix more viscous material, our engineers

Annual Production Capacity

700 Million Tablets

Oil Powders

We transform high-quality oils into versatile, shelf-stable powders tailored for the nutraceutical industry. Utilizing the latest microencapsulation technology, we ensure the preservation of essential nutrients' integrity and bioavailability, guaranteeing stability and maximizing efficacy in every dose.

We pride ourselves on customization and flexibility, working closely with clients to develop formulations that align with their brand’s unique requirements and goals. With a commitment to innovation, our continuous investment in research and development brings market-leading oil powder solutions to your doorstep.

Annual Production Capacity

400 MT



We are your ultimate solution for gummy vitamins and supplements. Our cutting-edge facility uses the latest technology to bring your custom gummy concepts to life. Our expert team handles everything from formulation to packaging, ensuring top-tier quality.

As a trusted manufacturer of gummy supplements, we offer premium custom gummies in various shapes, flavors, and colors. We specialize in pectin gummies, providing delicious conventional and sugar-free options for your customers.

As a leading full-service contract gummy manufacturer, we offer excellent turnaround times. We understand your brand is unique and work closely with you to create custom gummies that meet your exact specifications.

Annual Production Capacity

250 Million


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